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With the experience of our engineering & estimating teams, we’ve recently launched the ‘BrandNet’ software tool which allows our specialists to design innovative scaffold solutions in 3D. It utilizes a computer-aided design approach to typical or non-typical scaffolds, providing our team and our clients 2D & 3D drawings. In addition, the software can provide labour and onsite material forecasts, cost estimates and budgets, bill of materials, Gantt chart schedules, resource loading and much, much more.

BrandNet allows our clients to enjoy:

  • Increased speed and accuracy of standard or engineered scaffold designs or modifications, essentially cutting estimating time in half in many cases
  • Accurate bill of material generation for field execution and materials forecasting
  • Allows for the outputs to be utilized within BrandNet's estimating module or easily exported to a custom format designed for our clients' requirements
  • Supports engineering requirements when applicable or needed
  • Serves as a consistent basis for scope package and turnover for the field execution phase a project

Everyday BrandNet is helping our customers planning process, improving site execution and reducing project drawing costs. 

Integrated Programs & Tools

Laser scanning

Brand can provide detailed panoramic images and system converted data to produce an as-built model of your facility. A typical refinery unit can be scanned in as little as 3 days. The laser scan output provides value through accurate estimation, by considering all site obstructions, and validated data for future developments or planned turnarounds.

  • Scan from local site to software
  • Calculates X, Y & Z for each point
  • Captures 1 million points per second
  • 3 minutes per round
  • Up to 100 scans per day
  • Typical refinery unit scanned in 3 days
  • Neutral data delivered in usable format
  • Up 180 meters in range
  • +/- 2 mm precision
  • Tied to real geographical coordinates

Engineering models

In addition to providing laser scanning for your facility, existing site models/plans such as Navisworks drawings can be fully integrated into the BrandNet program.

Managed Access Program (M.A.P)

The M.A.P tool is designed to use a series of options to calculate the most appropriate access solution. Integrated into the BrandNet system, M.A.P allows customers to input the type of work, duration of the project, ground conditions, working height and other variables into the tool for it to suggest the most efficient access solution - including approximate costs and safety considerations.

M.A.P provides clients the opportunity to benefit from:

  • Customized advice on the optimum access solution for their requirements
  • Access cost-savings
  • Immediate calculation results (no waiting for responses)
  • Availability of log files and reports of recommended and achieved cost-savings
  • Automatic generation of completed PO form (depending on system capabilities)
  • Automatic generation of access planning information
  • Possibility for integration into the work process
  • Incorporates site specific schedules & norms

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